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Gardening Glove Sizing Guide

23 January 2023

You may be the kind of gardener who likes to grab the first pair off the rack, but you could be missing out on a more comfortable and enjoyable gardening experience. The right gloves will keep your hands comfortable and safe, and can even help to reduce hand fatigue. So take a minute to find your size, and it'll really pay off!

How Do I Choose the Right Glove Size?

We'll always include sizing information with our gloves, and we try to keep it as simple as possible. All you'll need to find your perfect size is a measuring tape, or even just a piece of string you can measure with a ruler! Our sizing will require at least one of the following measurements:

  1. Hand Circumference: The distance around your hands with fingers closed (excluding the thumb)
  2. Hand Length: The length from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger
  3. Hand Width: The distance across the centre of your palm (excluding the thumb)
How to measure hand circumference and hand length
Measure your hand length and the circumference around your palm
How to measure my hand width
Measure the width across your palm

1) Hand Circumference

The most common measurement you'll be asked for is your hand circumference. This measurement should be taken just below the knuckles and excluding the thumb. Keep your fingers together, and for the best results use a piece of string which you can then match to a ruler or tape measure.

2) Hand Length

For this measurement, simply measure the length of your hand from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. You can use a ruler or tape measure for the most accurate results.

3) Hand Width

For many disposable gloves, hand width is a common measurement for sizing. Similar to circumference, measure the width of your hand just below the knuckles and excluding the thumb. We recommend that you use a ruler or tape measure for the most accurate results.

Please note that all measurements will be in millimetres unless mentioned otherwise.

Does Glove Size Really Matter?

Yes, it does! Getting the right glove size may be more important than you think. Your perfect glove size will help in three main areas:

  1. Protection: If you're looking to protect yourself from specific hazards in the garden, a snug, well-fitting glove is best.
  2. Comfort: A proper fit feels great, and can help to reduce factors like fatigue and irritation that can occur during long hours in the garden.
  3. Value: A proper fit will help your gloves last longer. Baggy areas are prone to snags and damage, while tightness puts gloves under unnecessary tension.

Make Sure the Glove Fits!

Even if you think you'll be able to guess your size, we recommend always checking first. Not every glove is the same, and avoiding the minute it takes to find the right size could be robbing you from your best and most comfortable gardening experience.